Oil and Acrylic Painting Restoration

Oil and Acrylic Painting Restoration


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Painting Restoration
‘Painting Restoration’, ‘Oil Painting Restoration’ and ‘Restoration Painting’ are all general terms used to describe a range of processes that can be done to restore a painting to its original aesthetic appearance, including the replacement of lost paint in a sympathetic manner in keeping with the original.

Over time, the vibrancy and physical condition of oil paintings can be compromised by many factors: from years of tobacco smoke; smoke from fireplaces; the effects of water damage; damage incurred during display or storage; darkening due to the chemical changes of the original protective varnish; accidental damage; and finally, the slow, progressive deterioration caused by airborne dust, with the dust from modern car tyres being a particular problem.There are many processes involved in painting restoration, including:

Painting cleaning:

This is where the accumulation of dirt, smoke and general debris and dust is removed from the surface of the painting.

Original varnish removal:

Even after a good clean, an oil painting can still look discoloured. Old varnish begins to darken over the years and this process helps reverse the colour change and give it a brighter appearance. During this step, we carefully remove these layers of old varnish with solvents, then replace them with non-yellowing varnish.

Repair & stabilisation of picture support:

Wood panels, metal, paper, cardboard, composition board and canvas can all be repaired just as well as the original oil painting itself.

Restoration Painting is a work of art. The careful and precise mixing and application of paint, replicating the original artist’s technique, will allow a casual or trained viewer to enjoy a unified work of art.


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