Oil Painting Restoration Brings Life Back to Old Artwork

Oil Painting Restoration Brings Life Back to Old Artwork

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Whether you purchased an oil painting just last year or have had the piece of artwork in your family for generations, it may suffer from surface dirt, damage from smoke, and discolouration of the varnish. Oil painting restoration gets rid of all these and other problems so you can enjoy your chosen wall decoration once more. Artwork requires professional services from someone who understands what to use and how to use it in order to avoid damage.

Why Your Artwork Needs Painting Restoration

The pictures you hang on your walls provide multiple benefits. First, they beautify your home and give you something attractive to look at. They add to the overall ambience and style of the rooms and tie together d├ęcor in an attractive and engaging manner. Also, some pieces of artwork are true investments that can increase in value over time.

Oil painting are never covered by glass, of course, so the environmental pollutants, dust, smoke, and accumulated debris of years affects the surface of the paint and exposed canvas continuously. Things like temperature changes and humidity also affect the paintings over time. This can lead to discolouration, surface damage, and deterioration of the backing that holds the picture stable and taut.

The Oil Painting Restoration Process

The words used to describe the restoration process seem simple. Experts speak of cleaning, repair, and stabilisation. However, the actual characteristics of these methods require much more than what people may think. Paint and brush strokes exist in layers over the stretched canvas. The varnish lays over that, with the grime, dust, and stains above all else. Cleaning a painting requires more than using the right solution and scrubbing away some dirt.

Unprofessional attempts at oil painting restoration may damage or even destroy the work of the artist directly. As your goal includes seeing everything that they originally created quite clearly and as intended, trusting the work to just anyone makes no sense. Do not take such a risk with your home decorations or family heirlooms.

Instead, trust someone with the skills and experience in painting restoration necessary to get the job done correctly. Each layer of dust, dirt, smoke residue, and discoloured varnish is painstakingly removed. This begins to reveal all the original beauty and colour of the piece. Repairs can remove or minimise the appearance of cracks, colour loss, and other damage. Structural damage or weaknesses are eliminated no matter what material the original backing was. Finally, paintings that languished in unsuitable or damaged frames can be reborn with new, custom-fit ones that augment the artwork rather than detract from it.

Expert oil painting restoration services take time. With such important individual tasks required to remove the dirt and discolouration of years, you cannot expect a speedy turnaround. Nor should you want it. Every inch of you oil painting receives the utmost care to gradually strip away the layers that do not below and reveal those that the artist laid down on the canvas originally.
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