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Restoration Paintings

oil painting cleaning by alan brown
Resoration Paintings by Picture restorer Alan Brown



Restoration Paintings is a blog dedicated to exploring the art of restoring and preserving paintings, and to spotlighting the talented artisans behind these operations. In this post, we highlight the amazing work of Alan Brown from The Original Artwork Store in Malvern, who was recently featured on the popular BBC programme Bargain Hunt.

Alan Brown is a highly experienced painting restorer and bespoke picture framer, with many years of experience in the art industry. He is the proprietor of The Original Artwork Store, which is based in Malvern. Alan has a reputation for providing exceptional quality art restoration and framing services to clients.

Recently, Alan was approached by the BBC to feature on their programme Bargain Hunt. The programme is a popular antiques and collectibles show, where two teams compete to purchase antiques at the best possible price, before selling them at auction for a profit.

 Alan’s wealth of experience in restoration and his meticulous attention to detail is evident in his work. His passion for his craft, along with his unwavering commitment to producing top-quality results, clearly shone through in his work for the show.

With his work on the Bargain Hunt, Alan has demonstrated yet again his exceptional ability to restore and preserve paintings. His dedication, passion, and respect for the art of painting continues to make him a trusted source for top-quality art restoration and bespoke framing services.

If you have a painting that requires restoration or are in need of bespoke framing solutions for artwork, The Original Artwork Store is the place to go. Contact Alan Brown  for a consultation today.

Restoration Paintings – Oil painting restorer Alan Brown of The Original Artwork Store, is pleased to announce the latest film where he can be seen talking about his work as a restorer is now available on the BBC I player here:

BBC I Plyer -Bargain Hunt

Alan has been interviewd talking about his life and his work by many National and Intenational news sources. Alan is always in demand but is always happy to help any painting owners who are seeking professional help and advise. More information available here: The Original Artwork Store


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